API Story


Here’s one for future/group user interface technology. It’s an exploration of what the input side would look like to provide app developers with a way to really address a group of users that interact together, in the vicinity of each other (and invite VR participants as well).

API Rust Story Zen


On the lookout for a Rust implementation of something that vaguely resembles DDS/RTPS, I found nothing more than a few crates that wrap around the C interfaces of other libraries, and a few people trying to build a fully DDS-compatible Rust implementation. So what do you do in situations like this? I need at least […]

Improv Story World Zen

Conference Roulette

After a last-minute invitation, I attended an online conference, pretty much for the first time ever. I can say that it was a really interesting experience, that actually did feel a bit like a real conference from back in the day. You could log in to the lobby, there was a main stage, and various […]