API Story


Here’s one for future/group user interface technology. It’s an exploration of what the input side would look like to provide app developers with a way to really address a group of users that interact together, in the vicinity of each other (and invite VR participants as well).

API Rust Story Zen


On the lookout for a Rust implementation of something that vaguely resembles DDS/RTPS, I found nothing more than a few crates that wrap around the C interfaces of other libraries, and a few people trying to build a fully DDS-compatible Rust implementation. So what do you do in situations like this? I need at least […]

API Graphics Rust

Forward-looking Browser Ecosystem

Even though 2D pixel rectangles are extremely useful to how we interface with electronics and each other, if you really want to push the future, it’ll be in some form of 3D AR/VR. People pointing at virtual objects, graphs fluttering in mid air, zooming interfaces of maps, actually meeting and talking across half a planet, […]