The Next Browser

The next browser is going to be a completely seemless AR/VR experience that works on all devices. It’s open source and it integrates all state-of-the-art AR/VR and perception technology into one smart platform.

Current web access is based on old style computers with surfaces, windows, UI toolbars, etc. so each and every website developer needs to incorporate all kinds of janky Javascript libraries to access more modern features.

This has to change.

I propose that next generation web access is entirely through AR/VR, accessing the world around us, as well as all people involved. Apps have access to libraries to understand the real world around us, to manipulate 3D objects in a scene graph (like the DOM tree, but not as outdated), and interaction is entirely based on human interaction. This includes finger motion, hand tracking, gestures, speech recognition and understanding, facial recognition, facial gestures, body tracking, etc.

Apps are compiled down to WASM and run on this browser on whatever hardware is available.

This is the future. Stay tuned for more.

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