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Star Trek

I just came across somebody praising Star Trek for women’s rights and race equality and all that, and it really saddens me that it seems that nowadays that’s the only thing people see in Star Trek…

I mean, of course people are equal in Star Trek! The fact that this is even a topic of discussion is very curious. The fact that this discussion starts to overshadow actual scientific and philosophical questions in the show is worrying.

Star Trek is about how working together allows us to take on very complicated problems at the edge of philosophical reality, and at the forefront of many disciplines.

Star Trek is about daring to ask grand “what if” questions and explaining this to huge audiences in a language everyone clearly understands. Star Trek is about giving people hope, that they can actually reach a better place if they try.

To Boldly Go… so to say.

Star Trek propelled a huge number of people in the past 50 years to invent and develop literally everything you see around you and take for granted.

Let that sink in for a bit, as you scroll around on your integrated communicator-tricorder with touchscreen user interface.

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