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Quick Update

So yeah, quick update on what’s going on.

I’m doing a really cool improv theater technology project that could result in an interesting startup at some point. Improv theater is suffering, especially in these trying COVID-19 times. Can’t say much more yet, because I don’t want to promise things that aren’t really there yet. But who knows, this might even involve you…

To generate income, I’m doing a full-stack React project for some friends in the USA. It’s a minimal social network around people expressing emotions by sharing sketch art. More on this later.

Social robotics is also still a thing, but currently there is very little (paid) to do in this area, and I’m not heading to Hong Kong any time soon, with the pandemic doing what it does. Perhaps opportunities arise later in the year, but I’d rather do supply work towards social robotics startups. In this corner, speech recognition and generation with variable parameters, dialect support (both ways) and voice identification still holds great interest. Also extending W3C standards into hardware (IoT and robotics platforms) is something that could be very useful.

Then, I’ve also resurrected my long lost love E. E is basically what a 1990s computer science nerd would want to make in his spare time, and what’s still sorely missing in the fast-paced world of modern development (well, maybe Apple Core Foundation API comes close…). It’s support for everything in any environment. One of the first directions will be another ThreeJS-like scene graph library with examples, because scene graph libraries are cool.

And finally, I’m still trying to write stories.

Stay tuned…

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